Uta Uta no Mi
Kanji 歌 歌
Romanji Uta Uta
Meaning Song Song
English Song Song Fruit
Type Paramecia
Eaten By Eonis

Uta Uta no Mi  (歌 歌 no mi  Song Song Fruit ) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives the eater the ability to do a certain variety of things with lyricless songs on instruments. It was eaten by the cunning, mysterious Eonis who is an ally of the Red Wing Pirates.


The user is able to perform a variety of tasks by playing ancient songs on an instrument ranging from creating stormy and sunny weather to controlling near time and space. The task performed depends on the user's training and strength, and a area-wise task also depens how far it stretches.

Strengths and Weakness

The Uta Uta no Mi allows the user to play ancient songs on an instrument to perform tasks and other things. The user may choose how long, how strong, or how wide the ability lasts, stretches, or performs. Depending on their training and strength.

One of the Uta Uta no Mi's weaknesses is it disables the users from performing major abilities when they have gotten a throat-illness or throat damage in any form. Like any other DF user, it gives the user a harder time to swim.

Ancient Songs

The "Ancient Songs" are ancient scrolls that have song notes on them. Eonis has found most of them.

Song of Storms

Produces a storm (thunder, lightning, clouds, rain, strong winds)

Song of Sun

Makes it very sunny

Serenade of Shadows

Enables the user to temporarily seek out dark spirits nearby

Ballad of the Inferno

Enables the user to take control of fire

Fjorn of the Forest

Enables the user to take control of plants

Tune of Teleportation

Enables the user to teleport (within a reasonable distance)