This is a guide for tips on creation your own authentic character page. 


  • Start off on your character page by giving us a one sentence summary of your character at the top of the page.
    • EX: "Insert Character Name Here" is a pirate that is from Syrup Village and is apart of the Gummy Bear pirate crew.
  • To give the reader a feel of you and let them know who you are better write about your personality and appearance,
  • After you do that you add an equipment section for your character page so it states what equipment you have.
  • Now begin to add your abilities and powers in a section on your character page and remember not for them to be to overpower or you won't be included in the census.
  • If you have a devil fruit add it in a section of your character page.
  • You can add some pictures to let the reader see a good depiction of you and some of your attacks.
  • Do not forget to add the Infobox:Character template. If you use a Devil Fruit then please use the Infobox:Character/DF User Template
  • Example Page: Gajeel