Priests (神官 Shinkan, "God's Officers"), also known as Sky Knights are the five warriors that serve under God Jarilo. They consist of five powerful Birkan Warriors who utilize powerful Dial-based weaponry and are all capable of using incredible Mantra techniques. They are the primary antagonists during the New Birka and Ten Trials Arcs. They were defeated and seperate during New Birka's conflict with the Red Rebellion.

God's Officers

神官 Shinkan

Priests of New Birka
First Appearance Episode 21
Romaji Shinkan
Base of Operations New Birka
Leader Jarilo
Status Inactive
Members Anya


Priests of New Birka
Icon Anya Icon Earl Icon Trance
Anya Earl Trance
Icon Dante Icon Nobu Icon Preist Ruri
Dante Nobu Ruri (Former)


God Jarilo of New Birka appointed five warriors with the title of being a "Priest". These Priests act as the ultimate athority throughout New Birka and primarily hunt down and destroy Shandian rebels. They also command the "White Beret" police force which keeps the Skypieans in check. Pirests often act as they see fit and are commonly known to be merceless killers. There are but five Birkan Priests but they are said to have the power that of an entire army of Shandians. Each Birkan Priest (with the exception of Dante) are reminescent that of Medival Knights.


The Birkan Priest often preach Birkan superiority and can come off as racist to other species including Blue Sea People. But Shandians are expecially racist to Shandians, Earl and Trance constantly refer to as monkeys. The Birkans hold Skypiean's to a different standard, believing they are helpless citizens rather then savages like the Skypieans. They also believe Blue Sea people are below them.  


Each Birkan Priest posseses incredible physical and mental prowess, each having said to have murdered or captured dozens of seasoned warriors among the Shandian rebels. Each Preist uses a dial based weapon in combat:

  • Preist Earl uses a trio of dials to manipulate 5 puppets.  
  • Preist Trance uses a soft dial in his sword to liquify anything it cuts. 
  • Preist Ruri used a sword with a shift dial that allowed it to grow to massive proportions. 
  • Preist Dante uses a Ring encrusted with a rare Diablo Dial. 
  • Preist Anya uses a variety of Dials in her spear. 
  • Priest Nobu uses a jet dial to control the paper within his book.  

Member Fates

  • Priest Trance: Was defeated by Lyndis Harper and Cameron L. Romeo in the Trial of Liquefication
  • Priest Ruri: Regained memories and defected after being defeated by Gajeel. Replaced by Priest Nobu.
  • Priest Nobu: Was defeated by Mars and Pansera Ruri during the Trial of Calculations.
  • Priest Earl: Was defeated by Cameron L. Romeo during the Trial of Personas.
  • Priest Dante: Was defeated by Squall during the Trial of Destruction.
  • Priest Anya: Was defeated by Zaiel during the Trial of Angels.