Nobu (ノブ Nobu) is one of the five Preists of God Jarilo. He is a genius who guards the Upper Yard with the Trial of Calculations which only has a fourty one percent survival rate. 


ノブ Nobu

Debut Episode 23
Kanji ノブ
Romanji Nobu
Physical Description
Race Cat
Gender Male
Hair color Blue (Fur)
Eye color Black
Height Normal: 85.34 cm (2ft 5in)

Battle: 187.96 cm (6ft 1in

Weight Normal: 27.22 kg (60 lb)

Battle: 98.43 kg (217 lb)

Age 1
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Everyday Cat
Occupation White Beret
Base of Operations New Birka (Upper Yard)
Title Preist
Affiliation New Birka
Personal Status
Status Active
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Bobcat
English Name Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Bobcat
Type Zoan

Physical Description

Nobu is a small, anthropomorphous light blue cat. His attire consists of a Mitre with a cross like symbol on it, a pair of reading glasses, a red scarf adorned by a blue-colored ornament and a dark-blue shirt. Like Pansera Ruri, Nobu has the ability to grow taller and change his body into a much more muscled tone. His scarf becomes somewhat a cape and his lower attire turns into long white trousers. Nobu's glasses are placed on his Mitre while he is in this form. His ears grows longer and fuzzy whiskers protrude on either side of his face and below his chin.


Although he was "created" to replace Preist Ruri, the two are very different. Nobu takes one the characteristics of his fellow Preists, truely believing that he is Birkan and that his race is superior to all else. Although he does share the very calm nature that Ruri has but is far more intelligent and is quick to let everyone know of his genius. Aside from being intelligent, he is also arrogant, underestimating races other then Birkans simply for their lack of carefulness and usage of sentences as a basic example of their intelligence.

Powers and Abilities

Nobu is often considered the weakest of the Birkan Preists due to his inexperience and novice use of Mantra, although it is enhanced by his Glasses. His Trial of Calculations only has a fifty perfect survival rate, the highest of any of the preist's trials. Although he is the weakest when compared to the preists, he is far beyond the talents of an average fighter. He is a genius tactician and uses his Mantra wisely to plan out every detail of trading blows in a matter of seconds. His enhanced form allows him enchanced strength and speed. 

Devil Fruit

Main Article: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Bobcat  Nobu was selected by Mel D. Tsubasa to replace Pansera Ruri for God Jarilo, and was fead the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Bobcat. This transformed Nobu from a normal cat to a humanoid being capable of great intelligence and physical ability. 

Trial of Calculations

By God Jarilo's orders, Nobu is assigned a section of the Upper Yard that is completely under Nobu's jurisdiction. This area is where the Preist conducts his Trial in order to eliminate invaders upon the Upper Yard. His Trial boasts a 41% Survival Rate, which is the highest rate of any of the five Preists. Even so it has proven to be deadly, causing the near death of seasoned fighter Mars and the moderate injury of former Preist Ruri. 

Nobu set up the enviroment so that upon commencement, the tree's around the area are transformed into paper marked with symbols. These symbols represent the Trials and the Preists hosting them, the answer key is within the book Nobu is holding. He is able to freely manipulate the unmarked papers into makeshift weapons with pointed ends that can slash a target open.


After Preist Pansera Ruri's defection from the Preists of New Birka, Nobu was fead the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Bobcat and trained to be Ruri's replacement. He was assigned his own portion of the Upper Yard where he developed the Trial of Calculations. 

Weeks later when the rebellion attacked the Upper Yard, Ruri and his partener Mars ended up within Nobu's Trial. He claimed his superiority as a Birkan and prepared to payback Ruri for betraying the Preists. He commenced the Trial, confusing his opponents who were impressively able to deduce the fac that they had collect certain pieces of paper.

Ruri vs Nobu

Nobu gets the best of former Preist; Pansera Ruri

Hoping to thrwart their efforts, Nobu transformed into his battle form and stopped them from collecting papers. The two invaders worked as a team, while Mars collected Papers Ruri would battle with Nobu. By using his Mantra enhancing glasses, Nobu was easily able to gain the upper hand in the battle. using his Mantra to predict Ruri's every move. Eventually he beat Ruri to the point where he was forced back into his smaller form. 

The two switched out and Mars decided to pit his Mantra against Nobu's (Mars was unaware that Nobu's Mantra was being enhanced by his glasses). Even with Mars' protection Mantra active, Nobu was able to predict him and ultimately defeat the Shandian warrior. Ruri would take over the battle again, while in the background Mars would angrily spit at Nobu without thinking (bypassing his Mantra).

This would land of Nobu's glasses and Nobu would hastily react by cleaning them, but Ruri would land a hit that would knock them off and into his hands. Mars deduces that that is the sorcery behind his enchaned Mantra and sends Nobu flying with one last attack.