Nigel (ナイジェル Naijeru) more commonly known as Lieutenant Commander Simba (シンバ Shinba) a Marine stationed at Mount Rokku on Drum Island. Normally partnered with Lieutenant Commander Kong, Nigel both works directly under Rear Admiral Mammon and Admiral Knewmna O. Lyra. 


ナイジェル Naijeru

Kanji ナイジェル 部族
Romanji Naijeru
Epithet Simba (シンバ Shinba)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Age 40
Professional Status
Occupation Marine
Base of Operations Drum Island
Title Lieutenant Commander
Affiliation Mount Rokku, Marines
Personal Status
Status Active
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Raion
English Name Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Lion
Type Zoan

Physical Description

Nigel is a tall. muscular man with pale skin caused by the low degree of weather he lives in on drum island. He has very short blonde hair and a large trademark mustache. He is normally seen in the average marine uniform underneath a large coat with a fur collar in order to endure Drum Island's weather. 


Nigel is a very macho and straightforward person who follows orders to the nail. He and Kingsley are known to see orders through to the end in any situation. But the two are very friendly towards eachother, often laughing and joking. But they can turn the "serious" switch on at any given time when the order is given. He is fiercly loyal to Admiral Lyra Knewman and has devoted his life as a Drum Island Marine. 

Abilities and Powers

Nigel is a trained Marine, who specializes in tracking and hand to hand combat. He has eaten the Neko Neko no Mi Devil Fruit, allowing him to transform into Lion. This drastically enhances his tracking and fighting ability.

Devil Fruit

Main Article: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Raion

As apart of the 100th Marine Branches' project J, several Zoan type Devil Fruits were collected and given to a select few soldiers. Nigel was given the Cat Cat Fruit, Lion Model which allows him to transform himself into a Lion. This gave Nigel his nickname as "Simba". (シンバShinba, literally meaning "Lion" in swahili).

This gives Nigel incredible speed and strength, as well as a pair of claws and sharp teeth for slashing and tearing. His senses and instincts are greatly increased to match and even exceed that of the king of the jungle. Even in his human form, Nigel claims that his animal instincts influence him. 


Frozen Faceoff Arc

Jungle Beatdown

Simba and Kong confront Gajeel

Stationed at Drum Island, when the Red Wing Pirates invaded to free their Captain Clive, Kong and Simba were deployed to stop their infiltration. Nigel and Kingsley discovered one of the pirates by the name of Gajeel trying to blow up the prison walls in order to get into the base. They confronted him and battled him, nearly besting the infamous Pirates before his allies joined the battle. Simba isolated himself in battle with Squall, another infamous pirate who commands the powers of light. Simba somewhat struggled against Squall but overpowered him with pure brute strength, crushing Halo Brawl's ribs during their fight. Before Simba could finish Squall off he was caught off guard by Gajeel who sent both Nigel and Kong flying in one move.