New Birka Symbol
New Birka (新しい ビルカ Atarashii Biruka) was an Empire that was established after the Birkan Revolution, and dissolved following the Red Rebellion. 



Skypiea, commonly known as the White Sea had a pact with the Blue Sea, through their human ambassador, Tensei. Soon after the pact was agreed upon, it was taken advantage of by the White Wing Pirates. Tsubasa created an army of Birkans that overthrew the Skypiean government soon after defeating their guardian, Zaiel and killing Tenshi. These Birkans claim to want to avenge their race, and reclaim their land as New Birka. The Birkans swiftly took over the government and imprisoned all the Shandians, but allowed Skypieans to live peacefully under their rule.. 

Zaiel eventually returned with a band of Blue Sea people known as the Red Wing Pirates. This spawned the Red Rebellion, a civil war that lasted months. The Red Rebellion ended with the defeat of God Jarilo and his priests.


The New Birkan Government implemented very strict laws, mostly concerning segregating Shandians, and trespassing towards the Upper Yard. It is illegal to be Shandian, it is also illegal for Blue Sea people to ravel into New Birka. Most stressed are the laws of trespassing into the upper yard which results in death on sight. 


The New Birkan government established their own dictatorship, enforced by their Military. The Enforcers (神兵 Shinpei, "God's Soldiers") are the primary military force that roam the streets and enforce Birkan Law. The Enforcers are thought to be the Marine's of the White Sea. 

The Higher ups of the Military are known as Priests (神官 Shinkan, "God's Officers") nicknamed Sky Knights are the strongest members of the Birkan Military. Each have their own unique Dials-based weapons and are the consultants of the Skypiean God.