Marines are the World Government's Military Force. They are present in all the seas around the world, although they maintain only a slight military presence in the four Blues by establishing branch offices. The focus of the plurality of their assets is on the far more dangerous Grand Line, as their main headquarters is located there.


The duty of the Marines is to maintain a law and order throughout the world and impose the will and might of the World Government. They are therefore considered the key strategic development force in the World Government and are expected to obey its orders at will. Sometimes these orders are questionable, however they are expected to carry them out regardless of opinion. Amongst their duties is awarding bounty hunters the bounties on the heads of a criminal.

They tolerate bounty hunters as a method of making their job easier but are known to go out bounty hunting themselves. Apprehended criminals who are brought in alive are handed over to be made an example of, the Marines are left to ensuring the exportation of these criminals to prison and/or to their execution. The main purpose of the Marines remain footed in the idea of bringing justice to any criminal. They use justice as their constituted policy to manage a world that is made entirely of one ocean much easier.

Titles (Marine Ranks)

Commisioned Marine Officers

  • Fleet Admiral (元帥 Gensui)
  • Admiral (大将 Taishō)
  • Vice Admiral (中将 Chūjō)
  • Rear Admiral (少将 Shōshō)
  • Commodore (准将 Junshō)
  • Captain (大佐 Taisa?)
  • Commander (中佐 Chūsa)
  • Lieutenant Commander (少佐 Shōsa)
  • Lieutenant (大尉 Taii)
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade (中尉 Chūi)
  • Ensign (少尉 Shōi)

Infantry and Sailor Division

  • Warrant Officer (准尉 Jun'i)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer (曹長 Sōchō)
  • Chief Petty Officer (軍曹 Gunsō)
  • Petty Officer (伍長 Gochō)
  • Seaman First Class (一等兵 Ittōhei)
  • Seaman Apprentice (二等兵 Nitōhei)
  • Seaman Recruit (三等兵 Santōhei)
  • Chore Boy (雑用 Zatsuyō, not an official rank)


Fleet Admiral 元帥 Gensui
Admiral 大将 Taishō
Icon Ansem Icon Minerva Icon Ranhebi
Ginkame Rozuryu Ranhebi
Vice Admiral 中将 Chūjō
Icon Lyra Icon Umbra Icon Lazlo
"Ice Queen" Lyra Umbra Lazlo
Icon Corvo Anubis
Corvo Anubis
Rear Admiral 少将 Shōshō'
Icon Azolf Icon Young Rose
Kurono Azolf Rustyrose (Defected)
Commodore 准将 Junshō'
Captain 大佐 Chūsa
Icon Rift
Commander 中佐 Taisa
Jack the Ripper Icon Chaser
Jack "The Ripper" "White Stone" Chaser
Lieutenant Commander 少佐Shōsa
Kingsley Nigel
Kingsley Nigel
Lieutenant 大尉 Taii
Quintana Arson Quillon
Quintana Arson Quillon
Lieutenant Junior Grade 中尉 Chūi
Icon Julian
Julian (Discharged)