Kuro Kuro no Mi (クロクロの実 Black Black Fruit) is a Paramecia type that allows the user to produce Black light which takes on the properties of anti matter, making the user a Black Light Human (クロ光の人間 Kuroshoku Ningen). This enables the user to infect anything with its Black Light and control it at will.

Black Black Fruit

クロクロの実 Kuro Kuro no Mi

Kuro Kuro no Mi
Kanji クロクロの実
Romanji Kuroshoku Ningen
Meaning Infecting Darkness
English Black Black Fruit
Type Paramecia
Eaten By Diable

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruits major strength is its ability to act as an anti-matter, infecting anything it touches and transforming it into a "dark object". These dark objects can either be broken down and destroyed or manipulated by the user at will. For example if a rock were infected by the black light it could then be levitated and used telekinetically by the user, or eroded into nothing. The black light itself is tangible and can be shaped into different forms to be used as a direct physical attack. The anti-matter will infect a living person's body and erode their life away until there is nothing left.

The darknesses only true weakness appears to be its natural opposite: white light, only ''white'' light The power of the Guro Guro no Mi allows it's user to produce colored-light that can counteract the effects of the Black Light. . The fruits power also allows the user to phase their body in and out of "dark objects", allowing the user to move quickly across an area filled with anti-matter quickly. 


The usage of this fruit revolves around infecting objects with black light to either break them down or command them at will. On the defensive, this fruit nullifies nearly all attacks that involve using physical objects, because the light will infect it instantly.