Katana's are a type of sword that is a single-edged, curved blade that were used by many samurai. Grade Katanas are Katanas of different rarities depending on the Swords own abilities. These Grade Blades are collected by Swordsmen across the Sea's and used in battle. 


Pronounced as "kah-tah-nah", both katana and katanas are acceptable as the plural forms. Katana's are single edged curved bladers that orginate from Japan. The katana length is between 60 to 73 centimeters which offeres great speed and length for increased cutting power. Katana's are considered to be the most lethal and powerful of any other type of sword.

Wazamono Grade Katana

Wazamono Grade Katanas are the classes of Katana that are available in the World. The ranking of each blade varies by  rarity. Katana's of different rarities are decided by how they differentiate themselves from other blades through their lethality and the quality of their craftsmanship.