Jaya Island

Jaya (ジャヤ Jaya) is an Island that acts as the entrance to the White Sea, as it leads to the Knock Up Stream. Ten thousand meters above Jaya is Skypiea. During the establishment of the Knock Up Seatrain a major battle took place between the Marine's and the Red Wing Pirates. The train was hijacked by the pirates and destroyed by the Knock Up Stream.


Mock Station

While developing a Sea Train that would send qualified citizens to the White Sea, the Mock Station was built. THe seatrain was prematurely launched by Marine Captain Azolf to ensure its safety from pirates. The Mock Station is also the central base of operations for the 166th Branch of the Marine's led by Kurono Azolf.


Jaya is mostly covered in all vegetation, its forests are thick and have large tree's and bushes. A portion of the forest was destroyed by a battle between the Red Wing Pirates and the Marines, mostly from Ramon's transformed state. 


The Marine's 166th Regiment is station at Jaya. Originally appointed to the Island to oversee the manufacturing of a prototype Sea Train that would send travelers directly to Skypiea. The 166th Regiment is lead by Captain Kurono Azolf and his Lieutenant Julian Chaser. Otherwise the Marines are made up of seamen and petty officers. They are mostly tasked to hunting down the Red Wing Pirates, which takes them all over the sea although they operate out of Jaya. 

The 166th Regiment is infamous for their "Three Rules": Pirates are the enemy, Any means neccessary and everything goes out with a bang. The first rule is obviously directed towards an absolute against piracy. The second requires victory by any means and the third is homeage to Captain Azolf's nact for destruction and explosions. 


Residents of Jaya
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