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Red Wing Bounties
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Featured Bounty: Midnight Macbeth

Midnight Macbeth (ミッドナイト マクベス, Middonaito Makubesu) is the Captain of the Macbeth Pirates. The Macbeth pirates are a constant threat to the Kingdom of Alabasta, even having the strength to threaten to occupy the nation under their rule. Macbeth himself is a genius Pirate Captain who wields the power to conjure and command phantasms. (Read more...)

Latest Episodes

Grandline Shinsekai: The Role Play Series
GLS-Ep22 GLS-Ep23 GLS-Ep24
22. Force of Nature 23. Fire with Fire 24. On the Edge of War
GLS-Ep25 GLS-Ep26 GLS-Ep27
25. Midnight Pt.1 26. Midnight Pt.2 27. Alubarna has Fallen

Current Story Arc: Desert War Arc

Shinsekai Arc 2

The Desert War arc is the second arc of Grandline Shinsekai. After suffering a brutal loss against the Harbinger known as Macbeth, the reformed Red Wing Pirates embark to Alabasta in order to rescue their ally Rose and take their revenge on Macbeth. Not long after arriving, however, the Red Wings become embroiled in a conspiracy against the current king, while also dealing with chaotic extremists and an old foe who is secretly pulling all of the strings of this conflict.

Roleplay Side Stories: A Desert Rose

A Desert Rose
A Desert Rose is the first episode of Grandline Koukai, the lost chapters. This episode centers around a depressd Rose, who is traveling through Alabasta. During his dreadful journey, Rose encounters a young girl named Zhara. Alone, she is able to reignite the spirit inside Rose as he searches for himself. (Read More...)

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