The Hunt is the ninth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. It is the first episode of the Bounty vs Bounty Arc. Clive sends the Red Wing Pirates to meet with Kurono Azolf to embark on the Journey of a lifetime. 

The Hunt
The Hunt
Arc Bounty vs Bounty Arc
Episode # 9
Last Episode Array of Passion
Next Episode Welcome to Thriller Bark


Celebrating their victory over the Iron Soul Pirates, the Red Wing Pirates gather and drink in celebration. Squall reveals that because he neautralized the works of the largest Bounty in the East Blue, he gained the bounty of Beli50,000.

A Drunken Clive explains hat their ship has been destroyed by the Iron Soul Pirates and that they must pay for a new one. Foolishly he sends the three to meet an ally of his that will have them hunt a major bounty. They are to meet a man in Foosha Village who will restart "The Hunt". The three grudgingly follow the orders and eventually meet with Kurono Azolf, an infamous former Marine turned bounty hunter after he escaped Jail for the murder of several dozen men including marines. 

After they tell him to restart "The Hunt", he figures out that they are infact allies of Clive, just as he once was. Clive at one time freed Azolf from jail so the could hunt this very same bounty. The Bounty of Akuma the Undead Samurai. Akuma is the guardian of Thriller Bark, the former largest ship in the world transformed into an haven for undead creatures and monsters. 

Before they set off to Thriller Bark, Julian Chaser interrupts them. Julian plans to capture the Red Wing Pirates but is dispatched mid sentance by Lyndis. The three take Azolf's merchant ship and sail to Thriller Bark, where they are met by undead serpeants that threaten to sink the ship!