The Halo is the sixth Episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates invade the slave island to save Halo Brawl Squall. 

The Halo
The Halo
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 6
Last Episode Heartless Iron Souls
Next Episode Black Steel


The Red Wing Pirates are able to barely escape the fleet of Iron Soul Pirate ships, with Clive injured from their assault. They are still able to arrive on Slave Island, where the Iron Soul Pirates main operation is being held. Cameron and Lyndis hide their injured Captain in the brush of the forest before they blend in with Iron Soul Shiphands. 

While blending in Lyndis figures out that Squall was captured by captain Black Steel Gajeel and his two pirates Gan Bosque and Sun Jury. The trio ambushed him and trapped him in a cage of mirrors after stealing his Mystical Weapon; the Halo. The Halo is a ring that allows Squall to combat using light, giving him powers similar to the Glimmer Glimmer Fruit. 

They plan to hand this weapon over to Diyan R Keis of the White Wing Pirates in return for a large sum of money. In actuality Keis plans to take the ring by force and double crosses the Iron Soul Pirates. She stabbs Bosque and tries to take the ring, but Cameron interviens before she is able to. White Wing pirates reveal themselves among the ship hands a brawl ensues over the halo. While Cameron battles Keis for the Halo, Lyndis is able to use the confusion to sneak past Iron Soul Guards and finnaly free her best friend Squall from his prison.