Pitch Black is the fifty-sixth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Romeo revisits his origins while he faces a new threat.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black
Arc Wings of War
Episode # 56
Last Episode Animal Instinct
Next Episode Romeo vs. Diable


After traveling through his chosen portal, Romeo arrives in a foreign forest. He recognizes the forest as a place where he and Julian used to train during his youth. The forest is on an Island just outside Port Town. This means that Romeo has been transferred from the Grandline all the way back to the East Blue. Romeo begins to questions why he has been transferred here just as a mysterious man arrives. Covered in darkness, the man introduces himself as Diable of the White Wing Pirates. Romeo questions Diable, asking why they are both in the East Blue. Diable refuses to answer unless Romeo is able to defeat him.

Romeo accepts the latter's challenge, and the two begin to fight. At first they battle only using their fists, until Romeo gains the upper hand, then strikes Diable with a Purple Fist attack. Diable counters with his own Devil Fruit ability. Casting a black light in the form of a beam at Romeo, the hero protects himself with an advanced Green Glow technique that protects him with rocks formed into a Titan shape. The black light infects the stone, and Diable orders the titan to strike down Romeo. After realizing Diable's ability, Romeo is struck directly by the pirate. Diable's fist was covered in the black light, and because he struck Romeo's torso with it, his abs appear to be infected. Diable continues his onslaught. He strikes Romeo with a giant explosion of Black Light that threatens to kill him, this technique is called Dark Moment.

Romeo recalls training in the forest during his youth. He used to be afraid to train at night because of his fear of the dark, but Julian assured him that his friends would always protect him from the dark. After recalling this event, Romeo combines his red and blue glows to create a pink glow that engulfs all of Diable's dark technique. Romeo even appears to be healed. The hero explains that during his training in Skypiea over the past four months, he's discovered the true power of his Devil Fruit.