Blood and Iron is the fifty-fourth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Final Clash between Vilan and Gajeel in his new Blood Steel form.

Blood and Iron
Blood and Iron Ep
Arc Wings of War Arc
Episode # 54
Last Episode System-S
Next Episode Animal Instinct


Gajeel has entered an all new form, where his appearance is far more dark and intimidating. Unleashing his new power, Gajeel quickly uses his new his iron blood & sand mixture which he refers to as "Blood Steel" to destroy the vector rush plates that trap him. Vilan becomes nervous and tries to strike first, but Gajeel proves to be far too fast, striking her into the next dungeon room through a wall using his Iron Rod. The next room is filled with pillars that stand several dozen feet off the ground, Vilan tries to use this to her advantage and fight at long range. In his new form Gajeel is able to transform his entire body into his blood steel, and by moving in this intangible form, Gajeel proves to be even faster than Vilan's Vector rush technique.

Vilan activates her vector nova technique out of desperation, covering the entire room in arrows, but Gajeel easily avoids them all and strikes Vilan using his "Bleeding Iron Fist" technique. Through the use of his bleeding iron fist, Gajeel punches Vilan in the torso and infects the iron in her blood with his own, causing Vilan's torso to explode violently. Cut in two halves, Vilan begins to disintegrate . With her final words she claims that Gajeel has become stronger than his father could have ever imagined, but Gajeel and his comrades will know a fear much more prominent than Gajeel.

Gajeel wins

Victorious, Gajeel imparts his final warning to a dying Vilan

Before Vilan fully passes away, Gajeel reverts to his normal form and asks for the key so he can return to Angel's lobby. Vilan responds that she left the key with one of her patients, knowing she was going to be defeated by Gajeel, and with her dying words Vilan claims that Gajeel's mother would be proud, which surprises him. Meanwhile, Ruri successfully cuts down the Marines despite their own Zoan Devil Fruit powers. He finds the key after defeating Marines Unpano, Eokie and Argo and returns to the lair to find Gajeel standing over Vilan's remains.