System-S is the fifty-third episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Gajeel and Ruri must face off with Vilan and her Devil Fruit empowered Marine's while trying to understand the top secret System-S.

System-S Ep
Arc Wings of War
Episode # 53
Last Episode Angels Lobby
Next Episode Blood and Iron


The Red Wing Pirates have been separated from one another, transferred via portals disguised as doorways to other White Wing Pirate bases. Vilan explains to Gajeel that the "S-System" is responsible. The S-System was invented by Tsubasa and used to raise all of his subordinates, the very dungeon Gajeel and Ruri battle has always been Vilan's true home. The duo are forced to split, having to fight Vilan and the Marines separately. Ruri creates an opening in the ceiling and escapes into the forest above, forcing the Marines to pursue him. Gajeel remains behind to deal with Vilan himself, but before the two begin fighting Vilan reveals that she knows quite a lot about Gajeel, even claiming to have been partners with his father Graud at some point in time. She begins to talk about his mother, but is nearly cut in half by Gajeel's Iron Sword technique.

Black Blood Form

Gajeel transforms into his "Blood Steel Form"

Vilan's Devil Fruit the Beku Beku no Mi, pieces her back together. With her fruit Vilan is able to produce energy in the form of vectors that posses incredible power. After recovering from Gajeel's attack, Vilan forces Black Steel to use his new Rokushiki technique; Soru, to dodge her rain of vector arrows. Before he is trapped, the pirate uses his Satetsu technique to produce a shield made of iron sand. After blocking her attacks he uses the Iron Sand offensively, but is caught off guard by Vilan's "Rush Vector" technique which gives her a burst of speed faster than that of Soru. Vilan capitalizes and releases a flurry of vector arrows that injure Gajeel, but he is able to strike back using his Iron Roar. After quickly recovering, Vilan reveals her trap, using several vector rush plates to trap Gajeel within a circle of vectors which keep him immobile.

Unable to defend himself, Gajeel is brutally assaulted by Vilan's Vector Nova technique which traps Black Steel in a vortex of arrows that constantly hack and slash at his iron body. Feeling victorious, Vilan begins to boast. She claims that she once knew the name Black Steel Gajeel, a name that instilled fear into pirates everywhere, but now Gajeel is simply a lapdog for Clive. The vortex is halted after Vilan's statement, because Gajeel begins to hold the arrows back long enough for him to respond. He starts by stating that like his father, Vilan's strength is empty because she does not use her strength to protect what she cares about. Then Gajeel begins to devour the vectors and absorb their energy in order to initiate a massive transformation. While his body transforms into a dark steel surrounded by his black blood mixed with iron sand, Gajeel boasts that he will remind Vilan of the fear Gajeel can produce.