Heartless Iron Souls is the fifth episode of the Grandline: Roleplay Series. The Iron Soul Pirates attack the Red Wing Pirates ship after getting word from White Wing Pirate spy; Diyan R. Keis. 

Heartless Iron Souls
Heartless Iron Souls
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 5
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After teaming up to capture Todoh, Cameron and Lyndis take him back to Clive. Lyndis introduces herself as Squall's ally and even asks if she can join the Red Wing Pirates. Clive approves and figures that Todoh can lead them to Clive, so he allows Lyndis to interrogate him. Todoh tells them that Squall has been transferred to Slave Island, where they hope to sell of his weapon "The Halo" and collect a ransome for his return to Clive. This is all to fund a major opperation by the Iron Soul Pirates to take over the East Blue completely. 

They throw Todoh overboard and immediately head towards Slave Island, hoping to take back Squall by force. While on their way into Iron Soul territory they are met by another ship which is manned by only one women; Diyan R Keis of the White Wing Pirates. The Iron Soul Pirates hope to sell them the Halo for a large fortune and so Diyan refuses to allow the Red Wing Pirates to mess that up. 

She signals that the Red Wing Pirates are approaching, which leads to a giant fleet of Iron Soul Pirate ships firing apon Clive and his crew mates. As a mass of cannon balls approach, Clive reaches out his hand and reveals the powers of his Devil Fruit; the Crash Crash Fruit. This allows him to destroy any mass by crushing it until it explodes, he does just that with the giant array of cannon balls.

This results in a massive explosion which Clive is caught in, leaving him greviously injured. Their ship is barraged relentlessly by the Iron Soul Pirates which causes Lyndis and Cameron to carry Clive to a safety boat and sail secretly away under the smoke of their destroyed pirate ship.