The Truth of Tenshi is the fourty-eigth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Romeo, Squall and Lyndis train with Luna and an old ally. 

Truth of Tenshi
Truth of Tenshi
Arc Wing War Arc
Episode # 48
Last Episode Remember the Sky
Next Episode Black Blood


Romeo, Squall and Lyndis are brought to an ancient temple by Zaiel, Luna and Mars. This temple is known as Tenojinn, and is Skypiea's greatest treasure. Inside it holds vast knowledge and the truth about everything Skypiean. They explain that Tenshi discovered this place and his dying wish was to record the truth about the Birkans, which was later found by Zaiel. Inside Tenshi's recordings are very telling details about the life and explorations of Melchiorre D. Tsubasa. Firstly it reveals that Tsubasa was indeed born in Skypiea and he was the one behind the Heaven's Pillar Project that lead to the Birkan Government. This leads to many questions and explanations that ultimately result in the concensus that Tsubasa will the groups greatest opponent. Training will be required so Luna prepares to train the pirates for the upcoming battle.

Luna awakes the three pirates bright and early to begin their new training regiment. She explains that advanced fighters in this world use advanced techniques called Haki and Rokushiki. Haki are the uncanny techniques of the spirit as Rokushiki are the ones of the body. She also explains that Sky people use what is called Mantra, which is their variation of Haki. She introduces Julian, who was brought and healed by her to explain Rokushiki. He explains it requires great balance of the mind, just as haki does. 

But the three are struggling with their own inner turmoil and cannot come to peace with themself. Romeo struggles with the loss of Clive, Squall with Ifrit and Lyndis with the death of her parents. Luna puts each of them into a deep sleep where they meet Tenshi inside of their own consciousness. Tenshi warmly greets them but thenexplains he will take in each of their darkness' to become Akuma once again, and if they can defeat him then they will have overcome their darknesses.