Blooming of a Red Rose is the fourty-fifth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Romeo and Rose's struggle comes to a decisive end. 

Blooming of a Red Rose
Rose former
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 45
Last Episode Love of Lyndis
Next Episode Frozen Hell


Rose and the Red Wings are forced to fight against Skyrens men for their freedom, but afterwards Rose turns on them again. Romeo promises to help Rose gain freedom and a purpose other then becoming a weapon for Skyren. Rose see's a glimpse of a boy he once knew and asks Romeo to show him the strength of their "justice". The two battle and devise a strategy that renders Rose's ultimate defense useless. But instead of finishing him off Romeo inducts the Pacifista into the "family". Rose is honored and accepts their invitation.

Meanwhile, Squall is shocked to find that his attack did not finish Skyren. Sub-Zero explains that in the frozen gardens, everything down to the atom is frozen by him so he controlls virtually anything and everything. Proclaiming himself a god, he prepares to finish Squall off, but Lyndis comes to her true love's rescue.