Love of Lyndis is the fourty-fourth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Skyren and Squall's rivalry over Lyndis reaches its climax. 

Love of Lyndis
Love of Lyndis
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 44
Last Episode Ice King
Next Episode Blooming Red Rose


Just as Rose prepares to blast the head off of Romeo, Squall returns to the scene and saves him, deflecting Rose's lasers with his own. Squall rushes past them afterwards to pursue Skyren and Lyndis. This leaves Romeo to apoligize to Rose for the misunderstanding, the Pirates didn't realize Skyren was going to abuse and use Rose and they will not let him do so. Upon hearing Romeo's words, Skyren's men surround the group for their forecoming betrayl. 

Meanwhile, Squall reaches Skyren who has found Lyndis. Skyren tells Squall that he can keep Lyndis safe, shes almost died multiple times with Squall and is danger with him. Squall explains that Lyndis' independence and willingness for danger is what he loves and will fight for her freedom. Skyren accepts his challenge and the two face off for Lyndis' heart. Squall starts off on the offense, pushing Ren into a corner, but then the Ice King reveals the secret behind is manipulation of his frozen kingdom.

He has eaten the Shimo Shimo no Mi, which allows him to freeze anything he pleases. By using this ability, he is able to fight back against Squall's light and moderately injure him with a barage of animal themed attacks in which Ren freezes the air to create mobile animal figures.Before he throws in the towel, Squall once more remebers Tenshi's words, that he must fight for the ones he loves, and only that will give him the power to protect them. Squall activates his Tenjutsu, which creates an explosion of light that engulfs the island. When the dust settles, Skyren survives the attack.