Ice King is the fourty-third episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates return to the Frozen Gardens only to be faced with more confrontation. 

Ice King
Ice King
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 43
Last Episode Ice Queen
Next Episode Love of Lyndis


The Crew returns to the Frozen Gardens with Rose, but were trailed by Keis. She infultrates Skyren's palace only to be captured and frozen into one of his statues. Gajeel reports that Clive has been moved to Angels Lobby and they'll need to rest up on the Islands before being on their way. Skyren agrrees but demands that Lyndis remain with him. Apon his request, Lyndis runs from the apalace and Squall confronts the Ice King. 

Skyren easily overpowers Squall and incapacitates him for a moment before going after Lyndis. Before he leaves he requests that Rose be maintained, and calls him their new "Weapon". Rose doesn't hesistate to riot at the sound of that word and goes on a rampage. Rose claims that he refuses to become a weapon. Gajeel, Romeo and Ramon pursue him but soon find out that he truely is a weapon, a pacifista. He was a cyborg created by the World Government, and is considerably a one man army. 

He easily overpowers Gajeel before moving on to dispatch Ramon and pin Romeo. He feels betrayed by the pirates he trusted to give him salvation. He prepares his lazer vision and is ready to finish Romeo, giving him his freedom.