Ice Queen is the fourty-second episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Romeo and Julian travel within the fort to meet it's leader. 

Ice Queen
Ice Queen
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 42
Last Episode Jungle Beatdown
Next Episode Ice King


Romeo and Julian head into the base only to find themself surrounded by Marines. With Romeo injured, its up to Julian to fight them off, using his Rokushiki abilities he is able to do so. Julian looks and finds medical supllies to aid Romeo. But while he's patching Rainbow up, the two are confronted by the leader of the fort. Admiral Lyra Knewman and her men reveal themself to Julian, who recognizes the latter, reffering to her as the Ice Queen. 

Knewman proceeds to open fire on the two after a few words, Julian escapes with Romeo using the Soru technique. The two arrive in an empty room but Julian was shot, and it isn't before long that the Admiral catches up with the two. Julian confronts her, defending the honor of the Marine's telling her that they are currupt and the Red Wings are not evil. He is stabbed mid-sentance by the ice queen, stunning Romeo. The two are imprisoned, but are soon freed by Gajell, Squall and Ramon who successfully infultrated the base.

The group then searches the prison, which is mostly empty. They fidn Rose in a vault by his lonesome. They free him, he is greatful but informs the crew of terrible news. Clive was taken to "Angels Lobby" for execution, closely followed by Knewman who went along to foresee his execution. The crew regroups with Lyndis and Ruri, and heads back to the Frozen Gardens to rest and hatch a plan to free their captain.