Jungle Beatdown is the fourty-first episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Gajeel trys to blow the pirates way into the fort but is disrupted by the arrival of two Lieutenants.  

Jungle Beatdown
Jungle Beatdown
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 41
Last Episode A Frosted Frontline
Next Episode Ice Queen


Gajeel prepares to use the explosives to blow open a gap in the fort so everyone can storm their way inside, but he's is disrupted when he is suckerpunched out of position. Black Steel then finds himself facing two zoo-tenants (word play on lieutenants) who have the ability to shape shift into a lion and a gorilla respectively. Their code names are Kong and Simba, and they are able to get the best of Gajeel who struggles to fight as he is rusting in the wintery cold climate. 

Ramon and Squall arive to help, providing support to their musician. Meanwhile Lyndis runs into Keis and the two decide to have a duel of swordsmen or swordswomen for that matter. She is able to get a leg over on Lyndis but drops a pile of knives on accident. This allows Gajeel to feed on their metal and replenish his energy. With this Gajeel breaks out a new technique that sends the zoo-tenants flying while they are distracted with Squall and Ramon. Ruri returns to battle and distracts Keis long enough for Lyndis to send her flying as well, winning this skirmish for the Red Wing Pirates.