A Frosted Frontline is the fourteenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates try to successfully infultrate the Drum Island Fort but are interrupted by a forgotten foe.  

A Frosted Frontline
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 40
Last Episode Sub-Zero
Next Episode Jungle Beatdown


The Sub-Zero pirates stationed on Drum Island agree to sneak the Red Wings into the base by dressing as Marine's and prisoners. While on their way into the base, Diyan R. Keis appears and reveals that they are the Red Wing Pirates, intruding on the base in order to take Clive back. The pirates scatter and strom the base after being revealed but are ultimately rounded up and forced to fight. Romeo and Gajeel break through the ranks and move to infultrate the wall while Ruri battles Keis and the others take on other Marines. 

Ruri struggles against Keis who uses superior swordsmenship to overwhelm him and greviously injure the cat. Squall and Ramon attack Keis immediately after Ruri's defeat, forcing her to retreat. Meanwhile Romeo is taken by surprise and shot by Steel Arm Mammon. Before Romeo is killed, Julian arrives on the scene with a change of heart. Julian claims he has seen the comradery of piracy and it is far superior to that of the military. He protects Romeo from Mammon and easily defeats the Commodore with a new technique, the two advance inside the fort to rescue Clive.