Colors of Courage is the fourth episode of the Grandline: Roleplay Series. Todoh returns to face Cameron and his new ally Lyndis. 

Colors of Courage
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 4
Last Episode A New Dream
Next Episode Heartless Iron Souls


Thanks to the information given to her by Julian; Lyndis is able to find Cameron of the Red Wing Pirates. He is has just been defeated by Todoh the Blaze, who threatened him for a ransome for Squall's freedom. Lyndis is able to get this information at of Cameron, in return she would have to help him defeat Todoh and find Squall together. 

The two bait Todoh out of hiding, and he decides instead of a ransome he'll send Cam's head to Clive as a message for the Iron Soul Pirates. Todoh was able to defeat Cam last time by using his Kyoshumaru katana which can spark and ignite, creating a blaze. His diverse attacks were able to dominate Cam's one trick pony Devil Fruit. 

Cameron hopes with Lyndis' help he'll be able to defeat Todoh. Todoh dominates them both early, constantly mocking Cam's failure to utilize the potential of his Devil Fruit. Lyndis encourages Cam to look within himself to unlock a new power, and the rainbow warrior is able to do just that. He unlocks a new "Glow" giving him the ability to freeze anything the glow touches. 

He freezes the ground so Todoh cannot spark his blade, leaving him open to Cameron's powerful attack. Todoh is hit directly and defeated, they take him hostage and back to Clive for interrogation.