Sea Warlords is the thirty-seventh episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series.  It is the first episode of the Frozen Faceoff, the Red Wing Pirates find themselves in dangerous territory while sailing towards the Grandline. 

Sea Warlords
Mel betrays Clive
Arc Frozen Faceoff Arc
Episode # 37
Last Episode First and Final Scriptures
Next Episode Escape from the Grandline


After leaving the White Sea, the Red Wing Pirates sail towards the Grandline. They recieved a message from Tsubasa himself telling them to come to the Grandline, officially declaring war on the Red Wing Pirates. While on their way, the crew questions the history between Clive and Tsubasa. Clive explains the two were originnaly parteners, co-captains of the Wing Pirates. Eventually Clive and Mel became Devil Fruit hunters, and together they discovered the Masu Masu no Mi and the Sora Sora no Mi. They both consumed their respective Devil Fruits and traveled together to the New World where they were both known as the top Super Rookies. Together they were standing on top of the Pirate world, until Mel began to stray off the path of "heroism".

Clive was always interested in adventure, while Mel wanted to control the pirate empire. They both wanted to be the King of Pirates but for conflicting reasons. Mel began to realize that Clive would stand in his way and so he allied himself with the Shichibukai; the seven lords of the Sea. By allying himself with the World Government, his crew was amnested from their bounties and safe from Marine's allowing Melchiorre to have the support of the most powerful empire in the World. In order to gain entry, he turned in his entire crew, including Clive over to the Marine's via ambush during the night. Everyone was either killed or captured in the assualt other then Clive himself. Clive fought off his attackers but lost an arm and a leg in the process, along with several of his organs.

The crew was stunned by Clive's story and they turned their captains vendetta into their own, especially Romeo who knows the feeling of being betrayed by his best friend. As the conversation comes to its conclusion, Clive realizes he's strayed off course into "Red Blood" territory, where the sea water is read. Realizing his grave mistake, Clive demands the ship be turned around but is too late. The ship is swarmed by robotic pirates controlled by infamous Sea Warlord Lieurus Faust. Clive sacrifices himself to save his crew and is captured to ensure their escape.