God of Iron is the thirty-fifth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Gajeel challenges the godly powers of Jarilo with other worldly powers of his own. 

God of Iron
God of Iron
Arc Ten Trials Arc
Episode # 35
Last Episode The Eleventh Trial
Next Episode First and Final Scriptures


Jarilo has gotten the best of the rebels and prepares to finish them off just as Gajeel returns to save the day. The two banter back and forth, ready to challenge their other worldly powers against one another. Gajeel attacks repeatedly but struggles to land a hit as he cannot physically touch Jarilo in his lightning form. Gajeel figures that he must conduct him in his lightning form and uses his iron scales to do such. His tactic works for only a moment as Jarilo simply uses his speed and supperior strength to overpower Gajeel. 

Before it gets too out of hand, Zaiel steps back into the battle and holds of Jarilo while Gajeel prepares his next move. Gajeel focus' and transforms the battlefield's soil into iron powder, nicknamed "Iron Sand". By using this, Gajeel can manipulate magnetism and control the iron sand from far range while attacking and defending Jarilo. Jarilo struggles to escape the iron sand due to its magnetic abilities, and its automatically attracted to Jarilo's lightning. Gajeel is able to capture him and bury the "God" underneath several meters of Iron Sand. 

Exausted, Gajeel and Zaiel decide to awake their allies in order to aid them before Jarilo escapes his unqiue prison. Romeo, Lyndis and Squall awake to the surprise return of Gajeel, and before long Jarilo activates his Protection mantra which extends his muscle mass and size tremendously. He brutalizes his way out of his prison and attacks the group. Gajeel trys to resubmerge the God but is simply overpowered. Jarilo easily takes the upper hand over the group and prepares to finish them off with a giant torrent of lightning. Just as the heroes are about to be vaporized, the lightning is literally disassmbled due to the arrival of Red Hair Clive.