Return to Shandora is the thirty-second episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Zaiel returns to Shandora where he must endure the Trial of Angels. 

Return to Shandora
Return to Shandora
Arc Ten Trials Arc
Episode # 32
Last Episode Tenshi's Blessings
Next Episode Romeo vs the World


After passing through the Portal, division one is one of the unlucky two groups sent directly into a Trial of Terror. Immediately the group is assaulted by the Trial of Angels, lead by Anya. Before long the division realizes they had been transported to Shandora, the true home of the Shandians. Anya claims she wishes to slaughter them in their own home. Deeply offended, Luna challenges Anya but is overwhelmed by her "Angels" and is captured. It is then that Zaiel decides to challenge Anya and her angels alone. 

Zaiel fights against Anya but struggles against her three Angels, one having incredible strength with its hammer, a shapeshifter and one with immense mass and invulnerability. Zaiel is eventually overwhlemed by the three and Anya pins him down. Luna frees herself from the Angels grip and saves Zaiel, only to be greviously injured by Anya's spear. This enrages Zaiel who strikes in a fit of his wrath only be struck down by all three angels.

Zaiel enters his own unconcious phsyche where he meets his old friend Tenshi, who split his soul and merged it with Zaiels. The two have a heartfelt reunion that is short lived as Tenshi only has time to pass on his blessing, unlocking Zaiel's mantra. Zaiel returns to reality and quickly dispatches the three angels with the use of his Celestial Mantra, the strongest Mantra known in Skypiea. Quaking in fere, Anya trys to flee but is caught by Zaiel and subsiquently defeated in one blow, fatally injuring the Preist. 

Zaiel then rushes to Luna's side, pleading for her life. Only to find that she is infact alive and well, Zaiel sheds tears of joy as he prepares to move on to complete the trials. Meanwhile Romeo faces Earl, hoping to complete the final Trial of Terror.