A New Dream is the third episode of Grandline the Roleplay Series. It introduces a new protagonist, Lyndis Harper in her search for her friend Squall. She finds Julian who is searching for Cameron, they join forces to find a common Goal. 

A New Dream
Episode 3
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 3
Last Episode The Debt of a Pirate!
Next Episode Colors of Courage


A young swordsmen by the name of Lyndis Harper has traveled to Foosha Village, on a lead hoping she'll find her lost friend Squall. They had been together several months in the South Blue, but Squall left one day on "business" and never returned after several weeks. Lyndis investigated and found that Squall was infact in league with pirates, not caring about his affiliation she set off to the East Blue to find him. 

Once in Foosha Village, she is fatigued to the point of sleep and takes a rest in the field. Once she awakes she finds a stranger is next to her. He is a boy named Julian who she draws her sword apon and intimidates. He confesses that he was trying to wake her up but fell asleep in the process and that he's looking for his friend Cameron. She decides to allow him to tag along with her while she investigates Squall's dissappearance. 

Julian informs her that Marine Captain; Chaser runs Foosha Village and he may information on both their dissappeared friends. They arrive at the Marine Base, immediately confronted by Chaser. But instead of attack them, Chaser reveals that he is actually Julian's father and that Cameron abandoned him to become a pirate. Instilling new conviction into him; Julian decides to unite with his father and abandon his hunt for his former best friend. Julian keeps his word and gives her information that should lead her to the Red Wing Pirates; who Squall is affiliated with before the two part ways.