Trials and Tribulations is the twenty seventh episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Rebellion reaches their Trials, tribulations that will take them to their limit. 

Trials and Tribulations
Ramon and Romeo activate a trial
Arc Ten Trials Arc
Episode # 27
Last Episode Rebellion Reborn, Storm the Upper Yard!
Next Episode Two Panthers, and a Felined Foe!


After Gajeel's noble sacrifice, the Red Rebellion presses on deeper into the Upper Yard. Luna warns them they will now have to choose between four doors which would lead them to various trials. Each division goes through a portal resulting in them coming face to face with different Trials. Mars and Pantherlily arrive in the Trial of Perception, where on of their senses has been stripped from them.

The Enforcers arrive but it turns out they are at the same disadvantage, Mars leads his team by working together to use their senses and fight through the Enforcers, eventually passing the Trial of Perception. Lyndis and Romeo arrive in a strange area with "rubber" trees and milky roads out of pattern. Enforcers arrive to attack and surround them but Lyndis and Romeo make short work of the Enforcers despite their enviroment, passing the Trial of Texture.

Luna and Zaiel arrive in none other then the city of Shandora itself, where they are met by Anya. She wishes to slay the Shandorians in their own homeland with the aid of her Angels. Meanwhile Squall and Ramon arrive in the hostilest of any hostile enviroment, "Hell" as stated by Preist Dante. 

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