Wrath of God is the twenty fifth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The tide of battle changes as the Red Rebellion closes in on victory, only to be judged by "God". 

Wrath of God
Gajeel struck by Jarilo
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 25
Last Episode War of Change
Next Episode Red Rebellion, Storm the Upper Yard!


Zaiel rallys the Skypiean natives, turning the tide of battle. Gajeel is first to feel the momentum shift, he frees himself of Ruri's grip and sends him flying with an iron hammer. Gajeel takes to the skys and sends Ruri crashing down with a massive Iron Roar, sending a shockwave across the city. The shockwave knows Earl's puppets off balance, allowing Mars to capitalize and strike one of the puppets directly, cutting in half. Anya attacks Zaiel once more, this time Zaiel is able to hold his own, overcoming Anya's Mantra. 

Luna finds and compromises the lowly government officials, nearly completing the mission. Cameron and the Shandians combine with the Skypieans to push the Birkans back into a corner. When all seems well, a strom hits symbolizing the arrival of the New Birkan "God", Jarilo. The Birkan's neal before him while Gajeel questions who he is, causing him to be Jarilo's first victim. Black Steel is struck by a massive bolt of lightning, and all his allies follow.

Seeing Lovely City as a failure, Jarilo decides to condem it. The Birkans flee the Island at his command as he prepares a small ball of electricity. Seeing whats coming, Zaiel challenges Jarilo's strength only to be caught in the massive pillar of lightning that ensumes from the ball of lightning. The Red Rebellion grabs their allies and jump off the Island which is consumed and destroyed completely by Jarilo's attack. Thanks to the wings of Shandians and Cameron's quick thinking, everyone makes it to safety. But thanks to Jarilo they are back to square one.