War of Change! is the twenty fourth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Rebellion takes the fight to Lovely City in order to strike a deadly blow at the New Birkan Government. 

War of Change!
War of Change
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 24
Last Episode Battle on Angel Beach
Next Episode Wrath of God


The Red Rebellion is split into two groups, Gajeel and Mars would act as the frontline while Zaiel and Luna would be a secretive force to take Lovely City. The object of the mission was to take the main palace, overthrowing the government officials. On the inside of the palace already are Ramon and Romeo who had been arrested. When given the signal, they'd break out which would start the ruckus. Then Gajeel and Mars were two charge in on the frontline in a blitzkreig assualt while Luna and Zaiel finish the job by sneaking into the palace past all the confusion and overthrow the government. 

The plans first steps go off without a hitch, Romeo and Ramon start a prison riot capable of tearing the lower levels of the Palace apart with little effort. With that confusion, the Preists are called to Lovely City before things go out of hand. Gajeel and Mars then played their hand, charging through the city leaving a path of defeated Enforcers in their wake. They are of course met by Preist Earl and Preist Ruri who Mars and Gajeel battle respectively while the other Shandian warriors battle with the Birkan enforcers. 

Zaiel and Luna infultrate the Palace but are unespectingly met by the fourth and most powerful preist; Preist Anya. She immediately attacks Zaiel, leaving Luna to act on her own. The Birkans begin to gain the upperhand in the battle, Zaiel is seemingly greviously injured, Ruri pinns down Gajeel while Earl overwhelms Mars. The Shandian warriors are pushed back along with Cam and Ramon. 

Zaiel is thrown into the outside city where he gazes apon the hundreds of Skypieans who quake in fear. He stands and reminds them that he is Sky Dial Zaiel, and that he is alive. He reminds them this is Skypiea, their county as they rally behind him.