Battle on Angel Beach is the twenty third episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The newly established Red Rebellion heads to their base in the upper yard, having to cross through Angel Beach they are cut off and enter battle with three Birkan Preists. 

Battle on Angel Beach
Zaiel angry
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 23
Last Episode Preists of Superiority
Next Episode War of Change!


Luna leads the newly found alliance between humans and Shandians to the Shandian base. They decide they will be known as the Red Rebellion and prepare to cross Angel Beach, which will lead them to the outskirts of the Upper Yard. Before they completely cross the beach, they are met by Preist Trance. He claims that the Shandian savages and the inferior humans have no place on the Upper Yard. 

The pirates do not take lightly to Trance's racist remarks and challenge him to a duel. He fights with Lyndis and is able to destroy her sword with his own, before he can strike her down Squall saves her. Claiming the fight is unfair Trance becomes upset and signals for Preist Earl to arrive. He quickly imprisons all of the Shandians and Squall, leaving Lyndis to Trance. Preist Ruri and Gajeel arrive, as it seems Ruri has tricked Gajeel into tracking down the group and double crosses him, as they start to fight once again.

Without her sword, Lyndis is brutalized and greviously injured by Trance. This seriously upsets Squall who is forced to watch, Lyndis is saved by the arrival of Zaiel, Mars and the Shandian reinforcements. Zaiel decides to battle Trance himself, Trance constantly pushes the buttons of the wingless Skypiean until he snapped apon hearing Trance's mockery of Tenshi.

Zaiel brutalizes Trance and nearly kills him until Earl agrees to let the others go if Trance is spared. The two preists take Ruri and flee the battle field. The Red Rebellion rushes Lyndis back to their hideout for immediate medical aid.