Allied Force, Old and New Foes is the twenty first episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Gajeel returns as a member of the Red Wing Pirates, reuiniting with Squall and Lyndis as they build a new allied force with the Shandians. 

Allied Force, Old and New Foes
Allied Force, Old and New Foes
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 21
Last Episode This is Heaven!?
Next Episode Preists of Superiority


Realizing they have a lot of ground to cover, The Red Wing Pirates split into groups in order to more efficiently spread across the Skypiean Islands. Squall and Lyndis were assigned the mission to track down their new ally said to be somewhere in the city. Without a clue in the world, Squall and Lyndis search aimlessly and eventually get themselves caught by the White Berets (they are the equivalent to the Marine's of the Blue Sea). They prepare to arrest the two and deport them for being illegal aliens.

Luckily for our heroes they have spotted another alien, one very familiar to the Red Wing Pirates; Black Steel Gajeel. Gajeel reveals himself as the new ally Clive spoke of and strikes down a number of the enforcers. Lyndis does not take lightly to Gajeel being on her side, but Squall decides to forgive and forget. Gajeel explains that he wants revenge on the White Wing Pirates and his ally was sent to New Birka by them. Gajeel has a plan to ransack an Enforcer Base and free the Shandian people locked away inside, hoping that his long time ally and cat, Ruri will be amongst them. 

New Birka is protected by the leaders of the White Beret's, the six Birkan Preists whom are the strongest warriors in all of the White Sea. One of these Sky Knights arrives to stop the assault on the prison and he nearly strikes down Lyndis and Squall but Gajeel is able to hold him back and while doing so, Gajeel figures out that Preist is actually Ruri himself. Demanding that Ruri will become his cat again after obviously suffering some sort of amnesia, Gajeel fights with Ruri allowing, Lyndis and Squall to enter the military base. 

Within the Military base, Squall discovers many Shandians locked in cells. He and Lyndis free them as their leader; Luna questions the humans into revealing that they have come with Zaiel. She plans to join with the Red Wing Pirates to strom the upper yard and take back Shandora from the Birkans as the groups ultimate goal. They leave the military base after being prepared to find that Gajeel has been nearly defeated by Ruri.

Once Gajeel realises the mission was a sucess he reveals he was holding back to protect the base from Ruri's massive sword. Ruri strikes Gajeel once more but Gajeel destroys his sword and proclaims their real fight starts then. Lyndis decides to forgive Gajeel on the spot, encouraging him to defeat Ruri, while they leave to gather more Shandian forces. 

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