The Debt of a Pirate!
Episode 2
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 2
Last Episode Enter, Romeo and Clive!
Next Episode A New Dream

The Debt of a Pirate! is the First Episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Clive sends on Cam on a mission that teaches him the hardships of being a pirate. 


Cameron blissfully agrees to join the Red Wing Pirates, and is assigned his first task by Clive. Red Hiar explains that Black Steel Gajeel and the Iron Soul Pirates are taking over the East Blue, and to stop them Clive sent one of his contacts to silence their actions. That same contact dissappeared, leading to Clive sailing from the Grandline to the East Blue and starting the Red Wing Pirates.

Cameron agree's to investigate the contact; Squall's dissappearance. He starts in his current location in Foosha Village, where there is a Crime House rumored to be ran by the Iron Soul Pirates. During their conversation they are unknowingly being listened to by one of Black Steel's hired guns; Todoh the Blaze. Once Cam leaves Clive, Todoh acts and confronts Cameron and intimidates him. 

Todoh is a swordsmen and he demanded a ransome from Clive for Squall or he would slash Cameron to pieces. Instead of fighting the man, Cameron trys to steal from the Crime House owned by the Iron Soul Pirates. Gan Bosque; the musician of the Iron Soul Pirates quickly attacks and denies Cameron's theivery. 

Cameron flees and returns to Todoh without money, leading Todoh to fiercly attack Cam. This leaves Cam frightened and nearly incapacitated. Todoh leaves him with a message, that he has only hours to come up with the money to pay Todoh or he would return to take Cam's life.