A Train Ride from Hell to Heaven is the ninteenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates board the Sea Train, battling constantly aboard as they ride rapidly towards the Knock Up Stream. 

A Train Ride from Hell to Heaven
Train Ride
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 19
Last Episode Battle for the Beast
Next Episode This is Heaven!?


Azolf narrowly escapes the Red Wing Pirates by boarding the Sea Train heading towards the Knock Up Stream. The pirates board the train and desperately search it for Azolf but are interrupted by his lieautenant; Julian. Cameron steps up to face Julian atop the train with Squall while others search for Azolf. Cameron attacks while Julian reveals his new weapon; a Sea Stone Knuckle which nullifys Cameron's devil fruit powers. 

Squall interviens to help Cameron get a one up on Julian, but Cameron refuses Squalls help and tells him to deal with the remaining Marine's rather then Julian. Julian and Cameron then brutally fight eachother along several cars of the train. Cameron is unable to use his fruit powers, so the two envelop in mostly hand to hand combat. This results in several broken limbs and the near defeat of the rainbow warrior. But Cam sacrifices his knuckle bones to shatter Julian's knuckle, leaving Julian open to Cam's devil fruit attack which sends him flying, defeating him. 

Meanwhile Azolf is ambushes Lyndis and Zaiel at the front of the train. Although he is unable to greivly injure them, he destroys the train's controls, causing it to go haywire and send everyone flying across the sides of the train. This gives Azolf a chance to survive until Zaiel shortcircuts the entire train, causing it to hault and derail. Azolf flee's the train completely and is pursued by Lyndis.