Battle for the Beast is the eighteenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Azolf arrives to ambush the Red Wing Pirates before they can head towards the Knock Up Stream. 

Battle for the Beast
Battle for the Beast
Arc New Birkan Arc
Episode # 18
Last Episode Jaya, the Island of Reunion
Next Episode A Train Ride from Hell to Heaven


The newly appointed Marine Captain; Kurono Azolf arrives and reveals that he and his Lieutenant Julian are testing the New Sea train which heads directly to the knock up stream. He figures out the group is heading towards the Stream and plans to capture them before that happens. This causes clash between pirates and marines while Ramon struggles to control his inner monster. 

Zaiel trys to contain Ramon while Azolf continues to clash with Lyndis and Cameron. He nearly detonates Lyndis but she is saved by Squall, then Zaiel joins the fight to try and supress the insane amount of explosions Azolf is causing throughout the battle. Zaiel is barely able to do much but distract Azolf, but this is enough for Cameron to freeze over Azolf's hands. 

Azolf breaks the ice, damaging his hands in the process and flee's the battle field. Before chasing him the group must first deal with Ramon's rampage. He is containted by Zaiel's electricity and Lyndis connects with him emotionally to return him to his human form. The group then chases after Azolf who boards the Sea Train and departs it before scheduled.