Sky Dial Zaiel is the fifteenth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. It is the final episode of the Bounty vs Bounty Arc. It stars a new character fortold to be Skypiea's formally most powerful warrior and best friend to the Late Tenshi. He travels through the Red Wing Pirates adventures in order to locate them and find Tenshi's will. 

Sky Dial Zaiel
Sky Dial Zaiel
Arc Bounty vs Bounty Arc
Episode # 15
Last Episode Akuma the Angel
Next Episode Set Sail for Skypiea


Tenshi has passed on to the afterlife, and his hopes for Skypiea have been left to the Red Wing Pirates. His best friend Zaiel, who was exiled from Skypiea after the White Wing Pirates took over must now locate them and aid them in returning Skypiea to peace. 

Zaiel detects that Tenshi has moved on to the afterlife and continues to have visions of the Red Wing Pirates members. This leads him on a trail towards Slave Island where they originally battled Black Steel Gajeel and his Iron Soul Pirates. Zaiel lands on the Island to find that the Iron Soul Pirates remain there, lead by someone new. 

He questions Gan Bosque of the Pirates, and gets only an assault in return. Gan Bosque and Sun Jury attack Zaiel for intruding on the operation but he is easily able to fight them off. He questions them again just as their new leader arrives and attacks.

Zaiel is taken by surprise when the leader is using an Impact Dial; technology originating from his home in Skypiea. He declares his strength as the Iron Soul Pirates leader in Gajeel's place and goes to attack again, but unimpressed Zaiel uses dials of his own. His staves are crafted from Dial Shells and possess the same power, using a reject dial to destroy the leader's impact Dial and defeat him once and for all. 

He requestions Gan and Jury to find that the Red Wing Pirates have set sail for Thriller Bark, Zaiel decides to track them down. He leaves the Island and finds the Pirates at Thriller Bark.