Attack on Akuma is the twelfth episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. The Red Wing Pirates trail Azolf to find and finnaly confront Akuma. 

Attack on Akuma
Attack on Akuma
Arc Bounty vs Bounty Arc
Episode # 12
Last Episode Fear no Evil
Next Episode Take Back the Fear


Romeo, Lyndis and Squall have clearly been betrayed by Azolf who has led a band of Marines right too them. Already having defeated Julian, Tenshi leads them away from the ambush. The only place he can take them to is the Mass Mansion, where Akuma is located. Ready to finish "The Hunt" once and for all, the crew storms to Mansion. 

They fight through several waves of undead beings, floor by floor, room by room. Eventually they reach the basement where Akuma himself awaits. Tenshi explains that the Mass Mansion is no normal building, it is a physical manifestation of darkness and can be manipulated by Akuma. Akuma transforms the room into a rocky, mountainous area flowing with lava and undead beings consumed by that lava. 

This instantly instills fear back into Lyndis, who Squall must dedicate all his strength to protecting from Akuma's monsters. Romeo goes right at Akuma, but is unable to land a  single hit. Romeo's courage far outweighs his fears but his skills are still outclassed by the undead samurai. Romeo is injured when he is taken by surprise, and Tenshi decides that two must fight as one in order to defeat the Guardian of Thriller Bark. Tenshi possess Romeo while keeping Romeo's mind intact, allowing the two to fight as one person.