Welcome to Thriller Bark is the Tenth Episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Azolf and The Red Wing Pirates arrive at thriller Bank where they are met by undead beasts, zombies and one special Ghost. 

Welcome to Thriller Bark
Welcome to Thriller Bark
Arc Bounty vs Bounty Arc
Episode # 10
Last Episode The Hunt
Next Episode Fear no Evil


While sailing to Thriller Bark in order to hunt down it's guardian swordsmen Akuma, the Red Wing Pirates are attacked by an undead sea serpeant who threatens to sink their ship at sea. While Azolf sits back, the other three sucessfully fend off the Serpreant which barely saves the ship from sinking.

Now the group is confronted with the challenge of bypassing the large Gate that blocks out intruders from Thriller Bark. With the ship flaling apart, Azolf decides to strut his stuff and reveal his devil fruit abilities. He claps his hands and places his palms on the ship, charging it with negative energy and turning it a bright red. Disregarding the safety of his allies, Azolf charges it to the point where the ship completely detonates. The explosion destroys the gate and nearly kills the Red Wing Pirates. 

Luckily they escape the blast but are seperated from Azolf himself. They are then met by a welcoming party of blood thirsty zombies. Running in terror throughout the Island, the pirates eventually run into a ghost. He leads them to a temporary hiding spot from the Zombies. He introduces himself as Ten and questions their arrival on Thriller Bark. They explain to him they are looking for Akuma and with a chill of fright, Ten runs off. The crew try to chase him down but are caught by Thriller Bark's Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is a gigantic monster who is to protect Thriller Bark from intruders. 

Lyndis, already scared from the Zombies and her past memories of Thriller Bark is too scared to move. THe beast nearly crushes her but Cam trys to fight the beast back. Lyndis faints and Ten decides to possess her body in order to utilize her sword. He reveals his great skills and injures the beast long enough for the group to escape. Impressed with his abilities, Squall asks Ten's true identity. Ten reveals himself as a Samurai known truely as Tenshi, Samurai of the Swan.