Enter, Romeo and Clive!
Episode 1
Arc Iron Soul Arc
Episode # 1
Last Episode N/A
Next Episode The Debt of a Pirate!

Enter, Romeo and Clive! is the First Episode of Grandline: The Role Play Series. Cam L. Romeo and Julian sucessfully pull their first heist against Marine Captain Chaser, getting one of them noticed by the infamous Pirate, Red-Haired Clive. 


Cam L. Romeo and Julian are aimlessly looking for adventure, exillerating theivery that would get them noticed across the seas. The two decide to attack the local Marine Base where they run into White Stone Chaser, the Marine Captain at the post.

Julian is without any special talents but Cameron has eaten the Glow Glow Fruit, a Devil Fruit that grants him other worldly abilities. Although Chaser is able to nullfy these with Sea Stone Staff, he is still defeated by the two who then steal the Sea Stone Staff from him. 

They return to town to celebrate their winnings, where a stranger approaches them regarding what just ensumed at the marine base. Chaser returns to arrest the two and take back his staff, causing a large brawl to take place between the three parties.

The stranger is infact; Red Hair Clive, one of the Yonko and he is able to see Cameron's talents. Seeing potential, he takes Cameron away from the brawl (leaving Julian behind with Chaser) and indefinately invites him to join his newfound pirate crew; The Red Hair Pirates.