Epithet Champion of Silence
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color Golden
Eye color Red
Height 5'9
Weight 120lbs.
Professional Status
Title Eon
Personal Status
Devil Fruit
Type Paramecia (Uta Uta no Mi )


Not much is known about Eonis' past. All that is known is that he is ninja-like and very silent and talks when he only needs to. He is a tribal member of the SohanaToko Tribe, a group of  mysterious warriors just like him gifted with mystical abilities.

Physical Description

Eonis has good tanned skin. Eonis wears a near-skintight masculine light blue and navy blue bodysuit. The bottom part of his leg covering covers his dark blue shoes covered in black bandages. Around his wrists to his elbow he wears white bandages. A white material covers his torso that is seen torn around his shoulders bears his tribal markings in red. He covers his mouth and nose with white bandages as well as his head. He has golden-like hair covering his left eyes and a portion sticking out over his right eye.


Eonis is seen to be very helpful and gives out good advice but is very silent. He takes training and battle seriously. He is very graceful (but in a masculine way of course!) and very sly. He also is very loyal to  his friends. As well as his physical abilties, he is very intellectual.

Abilities and Powers

Eonis is granted the abilities of  the Uta Uta no Mi. He is very smart and can solve a variety of puzzles and riddles. As well as intellectually talented, he is very strong and very good in battle. He is very swift and quick on his feet. He also actually fairly good at archery,

Weapons and Gear

Eonis carries a harp on which he likes to play in his free time and to channel the powers of his fruit. He carries smoke bombs and star-shaped blades. With his natural-gifted mystical abilities, Eon is able to form a bow and arrow, and other weapons, from magic.