Drum Island

ドラム島 Doramu-tō

Drum Island
Kanji ドラム島
Romanji Doramu-tō
English Drum Island
Region Paradise
Type Winter Island
Drum Island (ドラム島 Doramu-tō) is a Winter Island in Paradise. It is the location of the Sakura Kingdom, now controlled by the Marines. It was the setting for the first half of the Frozen Faceoff Arc.

Geography and Landmarks

The majority of the island is covered in several feet of snow. It is normally snowing on the island and the temperature is always below zero. The island also features a series of mountains shaped like drums known as the Drum Rockies. Away from the main settlement of the Sakura Kingdom, the Marines base their operations out of a large fort named "Mount Rokku".

Mount Rokku

Drum Island Fort

Mount Rokku

The Marines stationed at Mount Rokku are known as one of the toughest and most vigorously trained regiments of Marines. It is a gigantic fort with both of it's ends connected to a mountain. It is said to be impenetrable, and it's prison is supposedly impossible to escape, although both Rose and Skyren broke out of it. It serves and base for several hundred Marines, lead by former Admiral Lyra.

Saskura Kingdom

Rens Castle

Drum Castle

The capital center of the Sakura Kingdom is Drum Castle. It is a huge castle where Queen Sakura and her family live. Unlike the outside of the castle which is completely frozen, the inside is of normal room temperature and makes for a comfortable living environment for its residents.

Drum Island Inhabitants