White Stone Chaser (白海チェイサー Shiroishi Chixeisa) is a Commander of the East Blue Marine Corps 16th Branch Base. He is currently trailing the infamous Red-Haired Clive across the East Blue.


チェイサー Chixesia

Kanji チェイサー
Romanji Chixeisa
Epithet White Stone (白海チェイサー Shiroishi)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Dark Gray
Age 40
Professional Status
Occupation Marine
Title Commander
Affiliation 156th Marine Branch
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Julian (Son)

Physical Description

Chaser is a tall and muscular man that sports white hair with most of it slicked back and having numerous spiky strands pointing backwards, and some strands over his forehead. He has gray eyes and prominent cheekbones aswell as two tufts of hair on both side of his chin which point downwards, and also has no eyebrows.

He wears an armored uniform with steel plating over his chest, shoulders and forearms. There is also back plating over his torso that the armor is connected to. Chaser wears a purple shirt tied by a shash and black pants that tuck into his heavy duty boots.


Chaser is a very serious individual whod espises the pirate cause. Unlike many officers of his rank, he is a non currupt Marine who simply seeks for justice and peace. He is a feared individual who is strictly for the cause, without remorse or regret. He also does not believe in murder for any reason, and believes incarseration is the proper punishment. 

Abilities and Powers

Chaser is a prominant combatant known for his close range dominance against Devil Fruit user's of all kinds. Chaser boasts incredible strength and durability aswell as great stamina and speed. Chaser's most notable feature is the use of his White Kairoseki Staff. It is hand crafted and made from Kairoseki (海楼石 Seastone) and is able to efficiently and instantly nullify any devil fruit user's abilites on contact with that user. It has even been used to instantly cancel out any Devil Fruit user's attacks from any range aswell.